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Since 1984 we have endeavored to bring the ultimate knitting experience to discerning knitters. We want you to love every stitch that you make and we strive to deliver the level of quality, ingenuity and delightful surprises that will keep you knitting.

Chroma Noir Collection Introducing Chroma Noir:
Our collection of twelve harmonious colors that have been deepened for fall. Like Chroma, Chroma Noir colors are designed to work together in any combination. The twelve colors are also compatible as darker versions of the original Chroma colors, so the selection of light and dark color combinations as well as adjacent or accent colors becomes a snap! Available now in Petite Madison & Radiant Petite Madison, Mia2 and Symphony See the full collection here!

Chroma Collection Meet Chroma:
Prism's collection of twelve harmonious colors designed to work together in any trio, as seen in No. 15 "Curve" on page 55 of Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2020. Or opt for a larger selection to use in any gradient colorwork. Available now in Petite Madison & Radiant Petite Madison, Mia2 and Symphony. See the full collection here!

Laura M. Bryant Creative Director and founder Laura M. Bryant trained as a fine artist in color and textiles and is a life-long knitter. She brings her passion to creating two seasons yearly of new yarnscolors and designs for knitters' enjoyment.

These pages contain the most complete information we have for Prism Yarns. While we can't guarantee that colors will look the same on every monitor, Laura takes every photo herself and then color-corrects on a calibrated monitor for the truest representation. Although not every yarn is shown in every color, most yarns are available in our full range.

Paint & Purls: Laura Bryant's World of Color www.interweave.com

Foxy Fur Collar One of my friends knits the most beautiful sweaters, and most times when I ask her what the pattern or yarn is, it's from Prism Yarns by Laura Bryant. Laura is the designer and creative force behind Prism Yarns, a company that produces exquisite hand-dyed yarns created with an artist's eye...
Click here to learn more about Laura and her design process.

Stuff yarns Prism is the exclusive manufacturer of Stuff Yarns. Thirty to Forty individually hand-dyed, color and gauge-coordinated yarns that are tied together end-to-end by hand. When knit, the yarns change from one to another in varying lengths.

In addition to our family of Stuff™ Yarns, we hand-dye a full range of classic, luxury and fashion fibers as can be seen here in our Yarn Collection.