• Content: 100% Merino Super Wash
  • Put-up: 100 gr/ 350 yds
  • Gauge: 6sts = 1" (#4); 6.5 sts = 1" (#3)
Mia2 is our replacement for Merino Mia. Same gauge & needle size, Mia2 will work for all Merino Mia patterns. A work-horse yarn that is beautifully twisted, stable and takes our vibrant, clear colors extremely well, Mia2 is a tad softer when knitted (not that this is a bad thing!). The most substantial difference is in put-up. Mia2 is in 100 gr skeins, to more neatly conform to industry norms.

We have done several patterns specifically for Mia2, and developed two exclusive gradient colors, Tranquility and Dusk. Mia2 is stocked in these two gradients and all 24 Chroma/Chroma Noir colors; other sandwashed and multi-colors can be ordered in minimums of 8 skeins.

Available in all of our hand dyed, sandwashed and Layers colors.

Chroma Collection in Mia 2

Chroma Noir Collection in Mia 2