Chroma Collection

Chroma Wheel in Mia2 Chroma Wheel in Petite Madison Introducing Chroma: Prism's collection of twelve harmonious colors designed to work together in any trio, as seen in No. 15 "Curve" on page 55 of Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2020. Or opt for a larger selection to use in any gradient colorwork. Available now in Petite Madison: Click for Gallery and Mia2: Click for Gallery

About the Chroma wheels: 100% wool Mia2, left, shows colors that are stronger and clearer than Petite Madison, right, whose silk and cashmere content keeps the colors a bit more muted.
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Our U-shaped wrap contrasts garter stitch for reversibility with chevron stitch in ever-increasing units. It is designed to curve gently around your shoulders and offers multiple options for styling. Three shades of Petite Madison selected from the Chroma wheel are further gradated with Fibonacci sequence stripes to move gracefully from one color to another. Select your favorite three and go! Opt for three in a row, or pick three that move every-other color for more contrast. You can't go wrong, as Chroma colors are carefully formulated to work together. The Vogue Knitting version, seen in Spring/Summer 2020, is Marigold/Cantaloupe/Adobe, while our alternate version is Oregano/Thyme/Ocean Breeze.

Chroma Collection in Mia2

Chroma Collection in Petite Madison