Frequently Asked Questions

Where we try to guess what you want to know, so that you don't have to scour the four corners of the Web for an answer!

Can I order directly from Prism?
No, we do not sell retail except for advertised patterns in magazines. Retail stores can be located through our store locator. Featured stores with direct links are happy to special order even if they do not stock a particular yarn.

What is the price of ----?
You must contact a store for retail prices. We do not set retail prices.

Do you have an outlet store?
No, sorry we do not.

How can I find someone who carries a specific yarn?
Any of the linked stores on our store locator will be happy to special order even if they don't carry a specific yarn. One way to find a specific yarn is to do a Google search for "Prism ....." with the yarn name inserted. That will supply you with links to stores who carry the yarn, and save you a lot of time trying to contact individual stores.

If a color isn't shown on a yarn page, does that mean I can't get it in that yarn?
Not at all. Most of our yarns are available in more than 70 hand dyed colors and also in a full range of sandwashed solid colors, even if it isn't pictured on the page.

How long will special orders take?
Because all yarns except Stuff are dyed to order, a special order may take up to 12 weeks, but usually around 4 weeks from the date the order is placed with us. At very busy times of the year, such as immediately following a trade show, special orders may take longer. We do our very best to dye yarn in a timely manner while adhering to our exacting standards of quality.

How do I order yarn for a specific Prism pattern?
All of our patterns can be ordered through a store as a kit. Simply use the model number as shown on the pdf, specifiy a size (p, s, m, l, xl) and a color family as seen for our fiber arts bags or pick one Stuff color as the main color. Laura will pick the best combination to go with your choice. There is no addtional charge for kitting, simply the cost of yarn and pattern.