Big Ball Mohair

  • Content: 78% Mohair/13% Nylon/9% Wool with Nylon or Poly
  • Put-up: 24oz/ 980yds
  • Gauge: 12sts = 4" (#13)
Our "Big Ball Mohairs" are a great deal: one big ball makes up to an extra large sweater! The hand dyed mohair, is then blended with a component: Birds (Eyelash); Confetti (Flora), Binario, or Charm. Each component is selected by Laura to maximize the beauty of the hand dyed color. The result is a bundle of fun--soft, lofty mohair and exciting texture from the component. Each type can be ordered plain or with metallic. If we have a great metallic component, we use that; if not, we add a strand of thin metallic to the mix. These big balls are great as the basis for throws, as well. Best way to order: get a mix of 6 or 8. If you would like to pick, order a hand dyed color and indicate the type of component you prefer. The largest selection is Birds; if you don't wish eyelash, let us choose the best mate from the other types.
Available in all of our hand dyed, sandwashed and Layers colors.

Big Balls Mohair