Shades Dyeing

A new style of dyeing pioneered by artist Laura Bryant, Shades dyeing features cream or a very light tint at one end, a medium color that appears twice, and a dark color at the other end. Laura's precision dyeing allows unique patterns to be knitted by simply employing a Magic Number (the number of stitches required to use up exactly one round of colors), attention to color stacking, and color repositioning.

Shades differ from Ikat in that the lightest color is only 25% of the skein, while the medium color is 50%; in Ikat dyeing, the lightest color (cream) is 50% of the skein and the other two colors 25% each.

Shades dyeing can be done on any of Prism's yarns except Stuff and Kid Slique. Our gallery offers a selection of the six current colors, shown in a variety of yarns.

Shades Sage

Shades Colors