• Content: 46% Nylon, 30% Cotton, 24% Rayon
  • Put-up: 2oz / 130yds
  • Gauge: 5 sts = 1" (#7)
Manhattan is a new favorite. A beautiful spliced yarn that moves from matte cotton to shiny nylon to shiny rayon to matte nylon in random stripes, Manhattan's effect is gloriously subtle and syncopated. Sure, there are stripes--but they are irregular and broken into random lengths. The play of matte versus shine is really spectacular! We are able to dye Manhattan with our exclusive double dye methods, producing even more variations in stripes. Totally interchangeable with Tencel but with a slightly dressier feel and look. Manhattan is limited to the 15 colors shown below. I think it is even prettier when knit, so click on a yarn image to see a knitted swatch.

Here is our Manhattan body of pattern 4301 after blocking. We pinned it, stretching quite a bit vertically, and gave it lots of steam. After drying, the fabric stays blocked very well. You can see that the unblocked portion is quite a bit shorter, so you must block before taking a final measurement.

Manhattan Collection